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Active Rinse 8 oz

Our Active Rinse solution is non-toxic and pesticide free and is exactly what we use in our clinics to kill lice. This rinse immobilizes lice and facilitates the removal of lice and eggs – we recommend the professional lice comb with this product.

$19.95 each

Comb-Out Mousse

This is an enzyme based nit glue dissolver. It penetrates the protein in the glue that holds the nit (egg) to the hair shaft. This aids in removal especially when combined with the Lice Comb.

$19.95 each

Lice Comb

Use the same Lice Comb the Professionals use. This high quality metal lice comb has patented micro-grooved teeth to capture nits with ease. This is the single most effective weapon against nits and lice. It can easily be disinfected if you plan on sharing between family members.

$13.95 each

Preventive Spray 8 oz

Our preventive lice spray contains essential oils that attack a louse’s olfactory nerves. The preventive spray will smell pleasant to you and your child, but not to lice. Since lice move to new hosts primarily through head-to-head contact, they are less likely to move to a head that smells like this “stinky” spray.

You can spray this preventive product on the head daily.

$19.95 each

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